At Global Shipping Containers we offer a wide range of custom made Smoking shelters.


Why choose a smoking shelter ?

Smoking Shelters

Smoking Shelters are now more imperative to own since the smoke free legislation in the Health Act 2006 which came into force in England at 6am on Sunday 1 July 2007 to create smoke-free places and to protect workers and the public from harmful effects of passive or secondary smoke. The ban introduces a statutory smoking ban in “enclosed” and “substantially enclosed” premises.

All our shelters conform to the legislation and in addition to providing a safe & dry smoking area. A benefit of a shelter is you can also prevent people congregating around entrance doors creating a cloud of smoke for visitors to walk through and potentially blocking fire exits. They are made from non-flammable material making them the ideal shelter which have open sides unto 50% apart from the roof. They are manufactured with a full open front, 2 sides that are a minimum of 50% window, and a fully enclosed rear.

By supplying a shelter you also contain litter from unsightly discarded cigarette ends with our lockable wall mounted ashtray. With a non-slip floor it can even take people stubbing out cigarettes on the floor with the only maintenance being a new coat of anti-slip floor paint every few years.

Ideal for offices, factories, pubs, clubs and more … Made from Anti Vandal material and painted to a colour of your choice we are the ideal choice for all businesses. As space is at a premium for most people the versatility of being able to move our smoking shelters to suit your business growth is a great benefit over the traditional fixed construction.



All our smoking shelters are delivered to site ready for use.

  • Fully prepared and painted to a colour of choice
  • Seating area
  • Wall mounted ashtray



Previous Projects


 We can also supply our smoking shelters in
8‘x8′ 10’x8′ 20’x8′ 30’x8′ 40’x8′ 10’x10′ 20’x10′ 30’x10′ 40’x10’
Fully custom sizes on request.


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